Open Source Festival 2015 Kickstarter Campaign

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Open Source is a contemporary arts festival taking place in Dalston, London, on 2-3 May 2015. It will take place both outside in Gillett Square, and inside the warehouse/venue Dalston Pond

Open Source will showcase time-based media and live events which sample, re-use, and divert mainstream  and web cultures, highlighting art production as a collaborative process. 

The event will be public and free. It involves eight curators and twenty-one young artists. It will present films, live performances and installations using the codes and display of entertainment.

Open Source is curated by Emily ButlerGareth Bell-Jones, Anna GritzAttilia Fattori FranchiniAmy SherlockChris Rawcliffe, Marie d’Elbée and Morgan Quaintance.

The artists involved include Heather Philipson, Shirin Sabahi, Alice Khalilova, Louisa Martin, Alden Volney, Larry Achiampong, David Blandy, Lawrence LekLeslie Kulesh , Berry Patten, Simon Davenport, Emilie Gervais, Pro Numb, Patrick Goddard, Anna Barham, Chris Rawcliffe, Erica Scourti.

Frieze Videos, showcasing studio visits with artists, film essays and interviews, will be projected during the event. 

Open Source's website will host digital commissions, texts and podcasts, as well as event information.

Open Source supports Paying Artists.

Open Source 

'Media Minerals': A spoken-word and sound lecture by Biters (Larry Achiampong and David Blandy) with notes by Zasha Colah.

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'Media Minerals': A spoken-word and sound lecture by Biters (Larry Achiampong and David Blandy) with notes by Zasha Colah.

27th February 2015: 7:30pm, Venue: ICI Berlin, Germany

As part of the symposium 'WIR SIND ALLE BERLINER: 1884-2014', 26-28th February 2015, which commemorates 130 years of the Berlin Conference and proposes a space for deliberation on the repercussions of this crucial event, offering an occasion to analyse the ideological, economic, political, and humanitarian justifications that underlay colonialism and still frame the asymmetric relations between the West and the non-West today.

The symposium accompanies the exhibition WIR SIND ALLE BERLINER: 1884-2014 at SAVVY Contemporary.

Curated by Bonaventure Ndikung with Elena Agudio, Anna Jäger and Saskia Köbschall.


Entrance is free of charge. For safety reasons, venue doors will be closed when capacity limits are reached. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Der Eintritt ist frei. Wenn es keine Plätze mehr gibt, muss der Einlass aus Sicherheitsgründen gestoppt werden. Wir bitten um Verständnis.

Biters: Larry Achiampong & David Blandy @ Phoenix Gallery, Exeter

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Exeter Phoenix: Preview Night performance: Thurs 22 Jan, 7.30pm, free

Biters: David Blandy & Larry Achiampong
Building on solo projects that explore both artists’ interests in popular culture and the post-colonial position, Biters presents new collages that combine lyrics and sounds that draw from each artist’s identity and musical heritage, while posing the question, what does Authenticity mean in the information age? David Blandy and Larry Achiampong will (re)perform live in an evening of sampled samples, regurgitated rhymes and deconstructed soul. Find out more HERE

Tate Collectives: Digital Abstract workshop

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Tate St Ives

22 - 23 November, 29 - 30 November and 6 -7 December, 10.00 -16.00


This event is free for those aged 15 - 25 years. Booking essential, please email

young@tate © Ian Kingsnorth

young@tate © Ian Kingsnorth

As part of Circuit, Tate St Ives are working with Newlyn Art Gallery to offer a fantastic digital workshop with the artist David Blandy.

This workshop is offered to young people between the ages of 15 and 25. FREE to participate, but  limited spaces so bookings will be made on a first come first served basis. 

David Blandy will collaborate with the participants in the creation of a Digital Abstract,  a mash-up between appropriated art and pop imagery, collage and Hip-Hop sampling. Participants will share the work created at an exciting public event to be held on 6 December. The artwork will also be showcased online. 

Workshop dates and locations:

Saturday 22 November - Sunday 23 November

11.00 – 16.00 The Exchange, Penzance 

Saturday 29 November -  Sunday 30 November

11.00 – 16.00 Tate St Ives, St Ives

Saturday 6 December (Event)

11.00 – 16.00 Event times and venue to be decided by participants

Sunday 7 December (Post-project celebration)

11.00 – 16.00 Tate St Ives, St Ives

young@tate is part of Circuit, a national programme connecting 15–25 year olds to the arts in galleries and museums, led by Tate and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation


Biters: Larry Achiampong & David Blandy at the V&A, London, Oct 31st

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Biters: Larry Achiampong and David Blandy performed at the V&A London, Friday 31st October as part of Friday Late, "Collections of Collections".


Grand Entrance
Larry Achiampong and David Blandy shared sounds from their connected audible heritage. In their performance 'Biters', the artists investigate what identity means in the post-colonial and post-mass media age as they acknowledge the debt their practices hold to hip-hop culture and its relationship with art and appropriation by presenting a recycled collection of already-sampled beats and reciting a collection of stolen rhymes.                                     

FRIDAY LATE 31 October 
Collections of Collections

From art works to ice-cream wrappers, from vinyl records to blog posts and tweets, what do our personal collections say about us? Join us as we investigate and celebrate with an evening of curios, accumulation and curation. Discover our relationships with objects and delve into what we collect and why this activity has one-in-three in Europe and North America hooked.

'Extinction Marathon', Serpentine Galleries, October 18 & 19th

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Saturday 18 October, 12pm - 10pm
Sunday 19 October, 12pm - 8pm

Premiere of Seeds of Time: Sunday 19 October, 10am, Gate Picturehouse (click here for information)

Scroll down for full schedule
Tickets £20/£15 conc. (two day) or £15/£10 conc. (one day)
, available on Ticketweb here and from the Serpentine Galleries, +44(0)207 402 6075.

On the weekend of 18 and 19 October – during the Frieze Art Fair – Serpentine Galleries presents the Extinction Marathon, the ninth in the Galleries' yearly Marathon series. Artists, writers, scientists, film-makers, choreographers, theorists and musicians explore the complex and timely topic of extinction through talks, conversations, performances and screenings.

Felt across the humanities and the sciences alike, the spectre of extinction looms over the ways in which we understand our being in the world today. Environmental degradation, atomic weapons, threats communities and languages, global warming, economic collapses, natural catastrophes, life wiped out by genocide, disease and hunger – the constellation of topics around extinction is ever-expansive and as urgent now as ever before.

Both a reflexive overview and a call to action, the two-day event invites us to respond, together, to a changing world, addressing visions of the future in all their scientific, artistic and literary ramifications. The Extinction Marathon is programmed in collaboration with artist Gustav Metzger, whose work – including his Serpentine Gallery exhibition Decades 1959 – 2009 – addresses extinction and climate change.

Participants include artist and poet Etel Adnan; artist Maria Thereza Alves; artistKorakrit Arunanondchai; artist Ed Atkins; conservationist Jonathan Baillie; architectAlessandro Bava; writer and media activist Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi; designer Irma Boom; Founder of The Whole Earth Catalog and Co-Founder of The Long Now Foundation, Stewart Brand; artist James Bridle; EDGE Foundation founder John Brockman; philosopher Federico Campagna; artist Heman Chong; martist Yve Laris Cohen; odel and actress Lily Cole; neuroscientist Molly Crockett; philosopher Helena Cronin; film-maker Adam Curtis; artist Jesse Darling; artist Benedict Drew; artist and poet Jimmie Durham; mathematician Marcus du Sautoy; palaeontologist Richard Fortey; agriculturalist and biodiversity archivist Cary Fowler; artists Gilbert & George; cultural critic and queer theorist Jack Halberstam; artist Susan Hiller; artist and designer Marguerite Humeau; choreographer Mette Ingvartsen; environmental social scientist Jennifer Jacquet; biologist and author Steve Jones; former Royal Navy Rear Admiral Nick Lambert; speculative designer Lisa Ma; biologist Georgina Mace; physicistChiara Marletto; film-maker Sandy McLeod; artist and activist Gustav Metzger; artistKatja Novitskova; artist Trevor Paglen; artist Cornelia Parker; artist Hetain Patel; anthropologist Elizabeth Povinelli; evolutionary ornithologist Richard Prum; design writer Alice Rawsthorn; astrophysicist Martin Rees; Professor, Operational Research,Jonathan Rosenhead; artist Jeremy Shaw; artist Shimabuku; film-maker Eyal Sivan; writer Adam Thirlwell; environmental lawyer James Thornton; musician and sound recordist Chris Watson; artist Cerith Wyn Evans and artist Anna Zett. Contributions by artist and writer Sophia Al-Maria; sociologist Zygmunt Bauman; artist Paul Chan; artistTacita Dean; artist Olafur Eliasson; artist Anna Galkina;  writer William Gibson; authorDaniel Kehlmann; poet Joanne Kyger; concrete poet Franz Mon; philosopher Timothy Morton; artist Yoko Ono; artist and poet Heather Phillipson; film-maker Laura Poitras and designers David Rudnick and Raf Rennie.

The Marathon is live-streamed by, which partners with Serpentine for the Extinction Marathon in 2014. The Space hosts two new digital commissions by Gustav Metzger and Ed Atkins in addition to the online platform EXTINCT.LY, which gathers data about global resource depletion, conflict zones and climate change scenarios as well as artists’ projects and activists’ calls to action, including works by Kari Altmann;Kev BewersdorfDavid BlandyBenjamin BrattonFemke HerregravenItalian Limes;Emily JonesMaurizio LazzaratoLisa MaAlex Mackin DolanTimothy MortonJulian OliverTobias RevellUBERMORGENMichael WangLiam Young and Anna Zett.

While The Magazine at the Sackler Gallery will present on-stage participations, talks, screenings and performances, the Serpentine Pavilion 2014, designed by Smiljan Radić, presents an installation by Katja Novitskova as well as a series of workshops by artist and curator Julia Tcharfas

On Sunday 19 October, the Extinction Marathon begins with the London premiere of the documentary Seeds of Time, directed by Sandy McLeod, which follows crop diversity pioneer Cary Fowler on a journey to saving the one resources we cannot live without: seeds. The screening will be followed by a conversation with Cary Fowler and Sandy McLeod at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery and is free for Marathon ticket-holders. Booking required. Click here for more information. 

Please note the programme and all timings are subject to change without notice, in advance of the Marathon as well as throughout the event. 


12-3pm, Serpentine Sackler Gallery
Julia Peyton-Jones, Introduction
Hans Ulrich Obrist, Introduction
Gustav Metzger, Introduction
Cornelia Parker, Howl: A Tirade
Jonathan Baillie
Adam Curtis
Gilbert & George in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist
James Bridle, What The Network Teaches
Jonathan Rosenhead, Climate Change and Extinction – A Racing Uncertainty
Marcus Du Sautoy, Death by Mathematics
Alessandro Bava, Dialogue between Nature and an Icelander

Stewart Brand, John Brockman, Richard Prum and Hans Ulrich Obrist, De-Extinction
Molly Crockett, Helena Cronin, Jennifer Jacquet, Steve Jones and Chiara Marletto
Georgina Mace, Are We in the Midst of a Mass Extinction?
Richard Fortey, The Long and the Short Stories of Extinction
Jimmie Durham, The Family
Etel Adnan, reading from The Arab Apocalypse
Joanne Kyger, read by Etel Adnan
Marguerite Humeau, Cleopatra ‘That Goddess’ Recital

Mette Ingvartsen
Yve Laris Cohen, Ligusticum Porteri
Hetain Patel, beMovie 2.0
Susan Hiller, The Last Silent Movie
Adam Thirlwell and Daniel Kehlmann, Conversation with Thomas Bernhard
Jack Halberstam, On Being Late, and Other Short Essays on Becoming Ex-Human
Ed Atkins, Happy Birthday!! we sang

10pm, live stream only on and EXTINCT.LY
Anna Zett, This Unwieldy Object


10am, Gate Picturehouse, 87 Notting Hill Gate, W11 3JZ
London premiere of Seeds of Time, 2014, dir. Sandy McLeod
Free, booking required. To reserve a seat visit 

12-3pm, Serpentine Sackler Gallery
Julia Peyton-Jones, Introduction
Hans Ulrich Obrist, Introduction
Cary Fowler and Sandy McLeod in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist
James Thornton
Irma Boom in conversation with Alice Rawsthorn, The Book: A Case for Survival
Shimabuku, Can you Clean a Fish?
Katja Novitskova, Neverending Story: Patterns of Survival and Expansion Curves
Korakrit Arunanondchai, 2012-2014 (Trailers)
Trevor Paglen, From Fibre-Optic Beings to Fossils in the Sky
Elizabeth Povinelli, The Three Figures of Extinction

Eyal Sivan
Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, IWATCH my Future (The techno-media Utopia: pre-scription of our future life) 
Federico Campagna, The Root of Extinction 
Jesse Darling
Ed Atkins, reading W.S. Merwin, selected by William Gibson
Heman Chong, A Short Story about the End of the World
Martin Rees, Threats to Humanity; or, Will We Survive the Century?
Lisa Ma, Dilemmas

Chris Watson, Ring Angels
Jeremy Shaw, Quickeners(excerpt)
Sophia Al-Maria
Benedict Drew
Lily Cole, performing Yoko Ono’s Bell for Serpentine

Additional contributions by

Maria Thereza Alves, AXOLOTL (poster)
Zygmunt Bauman, conversation excerpts in the Extinction Marathon programme
Paul Chan
Tacita Dean, poster
Olafur Eliasson, poster
Anna Galkina, poster
Franz Mon, Wortbilder
Heather Phillipson, stage design
David Rudnick
Raf Rennie
Julia Tcharfas, workshops in the Serpentine Pavilion

On The Space and EXTINCT.LY
The event is live-streamed by, which partners with Serpentine for the Extinction Marathon in 2014 and hosts newly commissioned texts and artworks as well as the platform EXTINCT.LY. The Space and EXTINCT.LY includes works by

Kari Altmann
Ed Atkinsm www.80072745
Kev Bewersdorf
David Blandy, Tutorial: How to Make a Short Video about Extinction
Benjamin Bratton, Notes on Extinction, Emergence and Biochemical Design
Femke Herregraven
Italian Limes
Emily Jones, (I want you to stay) #homni
Maurizio Lazzarato, Extinction
Lisa Ma, How to Be a Bioluddite
Alex Mackin Dolan
Timothy Morton, I’ve Been Kicked in the Biosphere
Julian Oliver
Tobias Revell, The Ongoing Collapse
Michael Wang, Extinct in the Wild
Liam Young 
Anna Zett, This Unwieldy Object

Extinction Marathon: Visions of the Future is curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Co-Director, Exhibitions and Programmes and Director of International Projects; artist Gustav Metzger; Jochen Volz, Head of Programmes; Lucia Pietroiusti, Curator, Public Programmes; Ben Vickers, Curator of Digital and Claude Adjil, Assistant Curator

Curatorial Assistants: Sarah Shattock, Joseph Constable and Bridie Hindle. Producer: Iain Pate, Technical Director: Kamal Ackarie

EXTINCT.LY produced by Ben Vickers, Kei Kreutler, Lizzie Homersham, Owen Lacey, David Rudnick and Raf Rennie

Programme design and Extinction identity by David Rudnick and Raf Rennie

Live blog by Huw Lemmey. Live stream by Trickbox

Biters @ MAO

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Biters are performing again at Modern Art Oxford this Thursday, 8pm. Stolen rhymes for your mind. 


Rawness remixed. With Larry Achiampong. 

Last chance to bid on secret postcard auction

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This Sunday marks the final day of The Big Art Secret 2 ebay auction, which is raising money for St Wilfrid's Hospice and Towner. With over 1,300 postcards on display at Towner, there are still many postcards going for only 99p. Don't miss out on your chance to bid and win postcard-sized artwork from the likes of Grayson Perry, plus fabulous Eastbourne, Sussex and national artists. 

Visit and get bidding for a bargain for a good cause.

Larry Achiampong & David Blandy Perform Live Tonight, Spike Island

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Larry Achiampong & David Blandy Perform Live Tonight as part of 'After/Hours/Drop/Box**LIVE**'

Spike Island, Bristol; Sat 1st March, From 8pm


(n) A person who steals another’s words, style or ideas.
Touring to: 
Spike Island  (Saturday 1st March)
Artsadmin       (Thursday 3rd April)
Modern Art Oxford (Date TBC)

More dates to follow.
Follow the Biters via:

Facebook Twitter Tumblr

Biters is a project made possible with the help of Arts Council England.



Outcasting screening today, 5pm at TAP, Southend on Sea

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'Totally Devoted', screening event, Outcasting at Temporary Art Projects, Southend on Sea

anjin create.jpg

Saturday 30th November. 11am – 4pm daytime screenings. 5pm screening and artist’s talks / drinks and networking

Outcasting and Temporary Art Projects are pleased to present Totally Devoted – a screening of moving image works informed by the artists’ fanaticism for film, cinema and celluloid.

Curated by Edward Adam.

Through considered appropriation, re-enactment, archival excavation, editing and in some cases hours of rendering, the selected works highlight the influence of film and popular culture on artistic practice, revealing artists who engage enthusiastically with the language of cinema; the artist as a film fan.

It features the work of David Blandy / Katie Goodwin / Steven Paige / Pil & Galia Kollectiv / Jayne Wilson.

Temporary Art Projects
North Road
Southend on Sea

Map to TAP

AFTER/HOURS/DROP/BOX at Modern Art Oxford, opens Friday 30th Nov 6:30pm

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6:30pm November 30th Friday

November 30-December 31st 2013

AFTER/HOURS/DROP/BOX curated by John Lawrence at Modern Art Oxford 

After:Hours:Dropbox Modern art oxford.jpg

A consistently experimental genre, the music video spans a changing technological period. From the early documentation of live performance, artists have both incorporated and influenced the narrative techniques and marketing devices employed by the music industry.

AFTER/HOURS/DROP/BOX draws upon the reciprocal relationship of the artist as both a radical innovator and as an active and influential consumer of the medium.


AFTER/HOURS/DROP/BOX is a project by artist John Lawrence and was originally exhibited at ANDOR Gallery, London.

After/Hours/Drop/Box Panel Discussion: 5 December, 7pm

After/Hours/Drop/Box**LIVE** performance: 12 December, 7pm

The Small Print - exhibition and performance contain some graphic content and rapid lights

Modern Art Oxford
30 Pembroke Street