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'Test Run', Modern Art Oxford

'Test Run', Modern Art Oxford

Exhibition | Performance | Artists’ Projects | Work in Progress 
2 May — 8 June 2014
Preview: Friday 2 May, 6.30 — 8.30pm

34 artists |18 performances| 6 talks |15 workshops |
1 symposium | 35 Days

This is your chance to see behind the scenes in the artists' studio and get involved in the creative process. Test Run is a new, annual five week programme of performance, artists’ projects, work in progress and discussion previewing themes and ideas from the upcoming exhibitions programme at Modern Art Oxford. 

This first edition of Test Run will focus on the act of making as a craft, way of thinking, industrial process and political engagement. It will investigate the interplay between production and consumption in society, in which the unskilled appetite for consumption continues to grow and makers with practical skills are increasingly fetishised.

In this knowledge based economy those controlling the access to knowledge; financial, practical or personal, are amongst the most powerful in society.

Test Run is a challenge to this hierarchy, offering free access to a variety of skills, knowledge and activities while questioning perceptions and ideas about production and consumption in society. 

Unlike other exhibitions at the gallery, Test Run will offer visitors access to the creative process as projects develop and evolve live within the space. It reflects on the interrelation of production and consumption and the importance of making as a way of thinking about, understanding and shaping the world.

To find out more about individual events and workshops follow the links below:

The Print Studio

Test Run Symposium: The Art of Making

Performing Matter with John Reardon

Gesture Control  - Jeremy Hotchinson

Artists' Reading Room

Natasha Kidd Painting Machine

Biters: Larry Achiampong & David Blandy

Slow Glass: John Smith

Ralphael Hefti

A Spectacles without an object Louise Hervé and Chloé Maillet

Learn to Sing: A Saturday Sacred Harpe Choir

The thing in the middle: Rebecca Birch & Francesco Pedraglio

The Gluts

Artists featured:
Larry Achiampong | Neil Bartlett | Rebecca Birch | David Blandy | Redmond Entwistle | Jonathan Gardner | The Gluts |  Ed Hall | Raphael Hefti | Louise Herve  & Chloe Mallait | Jeremy Hutchinson | Natasha Kidd | Serena Korda | Richard Laurence | LUX | Prof Anne Massey | Stuart Marshall | Fraser Muggeridge | Paul Nash| Oxford Printmakers Co-op | Francesco Pedraglio | Jon Reardon | John Smith | Lesley Sharpe | Amy Thellusson | Alex Woodcock | Tom Woolner  | Robert Weigand |

A programme of performances, talks, demonstrations and music will form a core part of the exhibition.

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