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Gettin’ the Heart Ready, The Royal Standard, Liverpool

Gettin’ the Heart Ready, The Royal Standard, Liverpool
30th July- 11th September 2016 12-5pm

Gettin’ the Heart Ready is a group exhibition celebrating The Royal Standard’s coming of age. The 23 artist-strong retrospective will showcase artists that have been collaboratively nominated by our directors past and present, in recognition of their previous work for The Royal Standard and their career as a practitioner.

10 years will not only mark an impressive milestone for The Royal Standard, but will also see the organisation grow, transform and move into an exciting new era. Gettin’ the Heart Ready will give us the chance to look back on The Royal Standard’s formative younger years, to show appreciation to those that have contributed to a successful decade, and to look forward and consider the prospects, the potential and the future of The Royal Standard.

Artists: Jo Addison, Jonathan Baldock, David Blandy, Oliver Braid, Joe Crowdy, Jemma Egan, Craig Fisher, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudau, Michelle Hannah, Joe Hamilton, Littlewhitehead, Celia Hempton, Holly Hendry, James Mclardy, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Jake Laffoley, Liliane Lijn, Jess Flood Paddock, Mike Pratt, Low Profile, Ailie Rutherford, Sam Smith, Dave Sherry.