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'Dialogue de l’ombre double', Videobox, Le Carreau du Temple, Paris

'Dialogue de l’ombre double'

Le Carreau du Temple have invited exhibition curators Romain Chenais and Philippe Joppin, to present their program for VIDEOBOX from 2 March to 29 April 2017.

This is the third edition of VIDEOBOX, which every two months invites an artist, a curator, a gallery or an institution to present a program of video art in Cloakroom 9 at Le Carreau du Temple.

► Curator : Romain Chenais

♦ Darren Bader,
The Vagrant, 2015
HD Video with sound

♦ Arnaud Dezoteux,
Sous le Soleil de Neubourg 2016
HD Video with sound

♦ David Blandy,
How to Make a Short Video about Extinction, 2014
HD Video with sound

♦ CrowbCat
Crushed between two portals, 2016
HD Video with sound

Watch from 3.03 to 10.03 / from 17.03 to 24.03 / from 31.03 to 07.04 and from 21.04 to 24.04

► Curator : Philippe Joppin

Bas Jan Ader,
Fall 1, Los Angeles, 1970
Film noir et blanc 16mm, muet,
Transfert sur support digital
24 minutes
Edition de 3
Courtesy Meliksetian Briggs, Los Angeles

Bas Jan Ader,
Fall 2, Amsterdam, 1970
Transfert sur support digital
19 minutes
Edition de 3
Courtesy Meliksetian Briggs, Los Angeles

Guy Mees,
Water te Water, 1970
16 mm film, color, silent, 3min13
Collection M HKA, Museum of Contemporary Art
Collection Flemish Community
Courtesy M HKA, Lotte Mees and Micheline Szwajcer

Watch from 10.03 to 17.03 / from 24.03 to 31.03 / from 07.04 to 21.04 and from 24.04 to 29.04

Le Carreau du Temple
Monday-Saturday 10am-10pm
2 rue Perrée 75003 Paris