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Frame, Play, Pause: SASK Sint-Niklaas Akademie, Belgium

'Frame Play Pause'
17 March to 29 April 2018

This exhibition is part of the city project 'More is More' and is a collaboration between the SASK, the Culture Center and the Center for Image Expression. The show contains work by artists who explore the boundaries between photography, film and digital media. Participating artists are: Hans Op de Beeck, Dries Depoorter, Nick Proot, David Blandy, Marie Cloquet, Marc De Blieck and Sarah Vanagt.

Square Hall and Annex of d'Academie Paul Snoekstraat 3 - 9100 Sint-Niklaas
Opening hours: Wed-Thu-Sat 14h-17h and Sat-Sun 10h-12h