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Sunshine Socialist Cinema, Höja, Sweden

The Sunshine Socialist Cinema is an outdoor cinema powered by solarpanels, run by artists Kalle Brolin and Kristina Müntzing. We’re re-distributing surplus light from day to night by solarpanel and projector, and screen films that generate discussion on radical leftwing topics. Our themes include post-industrial survival, political filmmaking, artists joining political collectives, and more. Our activities include public screenings, studygroup discussions, field trips, and presentations hosted by other institutions.

On Thursday July 19 we’ll be screening a micro-film festival at our main facility in Höja. Gates open at 21, screening begins at 21.30. Since this is an election year in Sweden, our screening has been themed and titled as Det Fria Valet – translated as The Free Election or The Free Choice.

Screening films from Malmö Dockteater, Hannah Black, and David Blandy.

Sunshine Socialist Cinema


David Blandy, “ Tutorial: How to make a short video about Extinction ” (2014)

David Blandy, “Tutorial: How to make a short video about Extinction” (2014)