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The Fantastical Multimedia Pop-up Project, The Edge, Bath

The Fantastical Multimedia Pop-up Project
20 Jul – 24 Aug
Tue - Sat, 10am-4pm
The Foyer, Arts Cafe, Andrew Brownsword Gallery, Bath

Discover new worlds, see new thinking and technologies in our Digital Laboratory, become a character in a video game, lose yourself in Virtual Reality, become part of a live gaming experiment and experience artworks from the Zabludowicz Collection.

"Duel & Dualities- Battle of the Soul",  David Blandy, 2011

"Duel & Dualities- Battle of the Soul", David Blandy, 2011

Unit Lab pair playfulness and discovery with utilitarian needs, bringing us four exciting new works around 3D printing, AI, Motion Capture and VR to make science relevant and fun. Work together to use cranks and add layers to your creation for 3D printing, see an avatar of yourself in their motion capture machine, confuse the artificial intelligence system by pulling different faces and take part in someone else’s Virtual Reality machine.

In the Digital Laboratory, our top researchers demonstrate the latest thinking in everything from Virtual Reality, to therapy applications, to concrete structure production.

Helion Trace specialise in the fusion of movement and technology and bring us Press Play, linking strangers to each other, individuals to urban spaces and creating moments of surprise, delight and connection.

Artworks from the Zabludowicz Collection complete the experience, ranging from Rachel Rossin’s immersive and painterly Virtual Reality installation to David Blandy’s hacked and customised arcade machine.

The Edge, University of Bath, Claverton BA2 7PD