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Nature as Data, Jing’an Sculpture Park, Shanghai, China

Nature as Data

In a world teeming with data it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the flow of information, and to feel oversaturated by its extent. Nature as Data brings together a series of works that offer opportunities to unpack and understand the immense amount of material we experience through digital technologies and interfaces every day. Through this exhibition we will show artwork that explores how human beings are analysing and enquiring into nature using digital and analogue technologies, to produce artworks that allow us to see nature in new and illuminating ways.

Artists in the exhibition include: Anne Haaning, Patrick Hough, boredomresearch, Lawrence Lek, Larry Achiampong, David Blandy, Sebastian Buerkner, Semiconductor, Suki Chan and Ursula Mayer.

22 Sept – 31 Dec 2018
Jing’an Sculpture Park’s venue, 189 Huashan Rd, JingAnSi, Shangai, China

Finding Fanon Part Two,  Larry Achiampong & David Blandy

Finding Fanon Part Two, Larry Achiampong & David Blandy

The exhibition takes place as part of Jing’an International Sculpture Project, and is a collaboration between videoclub and International Art + Science Research Institute in Shanghai.

The project has been supported by Jing’an local authority in Shanghai and Arts Council England.