FF Gaiden: Black Death

FF Gaiden- Black Death.jpg

FF Gaiden: Black Death, Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, 2017
Ultra HD colour video, Stereo Sound, 16:9, 9 mins

Commissioned by Two Queens, Leicester, featured as part of the exhibition Wilderness Way at MIMA. Made in collaboration with Kamile Ofoeme.

“FF Gaiden: Black Death continues Larry Achiampong and David Blandy’s remarkable body of work exploring the psycho-pathologies of racism as postulated by Frantz Fanon. Enlisting the voice of Kamile Ofoeme, the short film, created within the video game Grand Theft Auto V, is perhaps the most lyrically arresting, aggrieved and provocative work in their ‘Finding Fanon’ series (2015–ongoing). ‘Thatcher weren’t the first to bring the bad stuff, massacres and madness,’ Ofoeme intones, whilst calling out an increasingly hostile UK Home Office whose draconian policies continue to reiterate a long history of racial discrimination and hypocrisy.” Jamie Sutcliffe, Frieze Magazine 2017

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