'Finding Fanon Part Three', Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, 2016-17

Ultra HD colour video, Stereo Sound
14 mins

Trailer for "Finding Fanon Part Three", Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, 2016

Finding Fanon Part Three  is a story based on the collaboration of Sartre and Fanon and their recognition of the problems and pain caused by the economically and politically powerful on the less privileged, particularly, of the colonised.

It is a meditative, naturalist cinematic portrayal on the fragility of friendships and brings the story of Fanon and Sartre’s collaboration to life; it is a minimalist story of friendship, loss and alienation in the current era.

The two characters in tweed suits, are on a journey on foot with their children. As the hours progress and the landscape evolves, the two families move through a range of subtle emotions, enacting a pilgrimage of mutual confusion, sudden insight and recurring intimations of a larger battle.

When they arrive at their final destination, a shelter made deep in the woods, they must either confront the divergent paths they have taken or somehow transcend their growing tensions in an act of forgiveness and forging a new way towards a more equal future.

Installation view of 'Finding Fanon Part Three: Prologue', Tate Exchange, Switch House, Tate Modern

'Finding Fanon Part Three: Prologue' was first shown in a performance & installation at Tate Modern on December 6th 2016

Larry Achiampong & David Blandy examine communal and personal heritage through film and performance.

Inspired by the lost plays of radical humanist Frantz Fanon, the Finding Fanon project examines how society, race and racism affect our relationships with each other in an age of new technology, pop culture and globalisation.

Artists Larry Achiampong and David Blandy work collaboratively and share an interest in popular culture and the postcolonial position. They examine communal and personal heritage, using performance to investigate ‘the self’ as a fiction, devising alter-egos to point at their divided selves. Over two years, their research has evolved into a body of work including digital imagery, exhibitions, performance and video.

Incorporating music, spoken word and large-scale video projection, the performance reflects on how the politics of race affect relationships in an age of technology and globalisation. Gathering around a makeshift shelter, immerse yourself in a dystopian alternate reality, as lines are blurred between performers and the audience.

Directors, Writers & Composers:                Larry Achiampong & David Blandy
Artistic Director & Camera:                        Claire Barrett
Actors:                                                         Achiampong family & Blandy family
Sound Recording & Editor:                         Larry Achiampong
Video Editor:                                               David Blandy
Voiceover:                                                   Hayleigh Joy-Rose
Site Managers:                                           Hayleigh Joy-Rose & Daniel Locke

Performance credits:
Cellist:                                                           Yoanna Prodanova
Keyboard & Synthesizer:                             James A. Holland
Percussion:                                                    Shepherd Manyika
Speaker:                                                       Ima-Abasi Okon
Speaker:                                                       Nicola Thomas

Finding Fanon Part Three was supported by Arts Council England and Wysing Arts Centre.

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