HD Lifestyle, 2016-17

Installation view: HD Lifestyle, 2017, David Blandy
Image: Damian Griffiths

HD Lifestyle, 2017
Single channel HD video
6 minutes 40 seconds

HD Lifestyle focuses on the physical nature of the screen, its component elements and the cost of their extraction. Blandy notes the physicality of the Cloud, the ocean floor cables and rare earth minerals that are extracted at such an environmental cost that the Chinese state has designated specific ‘sacrificial zones’ – concentrated toxic wastelands permitted in order to maintain high levels of production. The material forms of ‘the device’ are countered by the users desire for dematerialisation, to be brought closer to the information, the game, the experience, to reach through the screen and interact directly with content. The video plays across multiple screens, on monitors, laptops and smart phones, displayed in a battered shop counter display.

HD lifestyle Still1.jpg

Works in this exhibition were made with the generous support of Arts Council England.

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