Open Source Festival 2015 Kickstarter Campaign

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Open Source is a contemporary arts festival taking place in Dalston, London, on 2-3 May 2015. It will take place both outside in Gillett Square, and inside the warehouse/venue Dalston Pond

Open Source will showcase time-based media and live events which sample, re-use, and divert mainstream  and web cultures, highlighting art production as a collaborative process. 

The event will be public and free. It involves eight curators and twenty-one young artists. It will present films, live performances and installations using the codes and display of entertainment.

Open Source is curated by Emily ButlerGareth Bell-Jones, Anna GritzAttilia Fattori FranchiniAmy SherlockChris Rawcliffe, Marie d’Elbée and Morgan Quaintance.

The artists involved include Heather Philipson, Shirin Sabahi, Alice Khalilova, Louisa Martin, Alden Volney, Larry Achiampong, David Blandy, Lawrence LekLeslie Kulesh , Berry Patten, Simon Davenport, Emilie Gervais, Pro Numb, Patrick Goddard, Anna Barham, Chris Rawcliffe, Erica Scourti.

Frieze Videos, showcasing studio visits with artists, film essays and interviews, will be projected during the event. 

Open Source's website will host digital commissions, texts and podcasts, as well as event information.

Open Source supports Paying Artists.

Open Source