Only 48 hours until Drawing Biennial 2015 Auction closes

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Only 48 hours until 
Drawing Biennial 2015 Auction closes

"This is our seventh Drawing Biennial and we are proud that over the years it has evolved from a fundraiser into one of the most significant exhibitions in our programme. The Drawing Biennial exhibitions continue to bring together an amazing line up of artists, representing a myriad of ideas and approaches to drawing from around the world today. We recognise that artists are asked, increasingly, to support and donate to galleries, and we are indebted to all the artists who have so readily agreed to be in the exhibition and support us by generously donating their works. The Drawing Biennial is our core funding and without their generosity over the last 14 years our programme would not have been possible. We owe it to the artists to ensure that their works go to a good home. By bidding in our online auction you are helping us achieve that goal, while supporting artists’ reputations and raising funds to continue our support of artists’ contemporary drawing practice."  Mary Doyle and Kate Macfarlane, Drawing Room Co-directors.


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Drawing Biennial 2015 exhibition is open tomorrow 11am - 6pm and Thursday 11am - 9pm, directions here