Experiments in Art & Science: The Gurdon Institute & Kettle's Yard

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Curator Harriet Loffler and Scientist & Public Engagement Manager Hélène Doerflinger discuss the project ‘Experiments in Art & Science’, a new collaboration that brings three contemporary artists to the Gurdon Institute, in partnership with Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, and funded by Wellcome.


Scientists at the Gurdon Institute will collaborate with each artist over a period of several months from Jan to May 2018.

The artists:
David Blandy
Rachel Pimm
Laura Wilson

The Gurdon Institute
Kettle's Yard

We will be announcing the events over the course of the next three to four months.  All of the activity can be found on the Gurdon Institute and Kettle’s Yard websites and you can follow on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #ExperimentsArtScience.