'The World After' | David Blandy Kickstarter Campaign Launch

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'The World After' | David Blandy Kickstarter Campaign Launch

Join our Kickstarter Campaign to help realise an exciting new phase for David Blandy's collaborative New Geographies project with the Essex Gaming Community. 

‘The World After’ is a new fantasy table-top roleplay game inspired by the wildlife and landscape of Canvey Wick; an abandoned oil refinery turned nature reserve, now recognised as one of the most bio-diverse sites in the UK. The project imagines a game space where community is created through diversity in a post-human world, with much of the monsters and creatures inspired by wildlife from the site. 

We now need your help to create a full-colour hardcover book for the game packed with rules, setting, art, bestiary and a starting adventure, developed in collaboration with a dedicated group of local artists and gamers. Help us bring this new world to life by becoming a project supporter today, or help us spread the word to help us reach our target!

Focal Point Gallery
The Forum
Elmer Square
Essex, SS1 1NB

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