'Meeting the Machine Half Way', Wysing Arts Centre, Sat 19 Nov

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To book your free place on this Study Day please visit our Eventbrite page, here.


Electricity flows from motherboards into muscle memory. Neurones fire into logic gates across silicon synapses. We must become a part of the system, in order to overcome it. Welcome to the arcade.

For their Study Day, Meeting the Machine Half-way, current artists-in-residence David Blandy, Larry Achiampong, and Gary Zhexi Zhang will be joined by curator Morgan Quaintance, gamer and artist Danielle Nelson (Zakuta/Izanami), researchers Carleigh Morgan and Nathaniel Zetter, alongside other invited contributors, to take part in a programme of talks, demonstrations and a live gaming tournament.

Image: David Blandy research image

Image: David Blandy research image

The Study Day will draw on the experiences of professional game-players, researchers and artists in order to explore the history of video gaming culture and to think critically about our embodied relationship to technology, race and sexuality.

There will be a Super Smash Bros (Wii U version), 2014, tournament and a Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, 1992 'winner-stays-on' tournament.

Games will be available to play from 1pm and refreshments will be available from café abantu for early arrivals. Early registration for the Super Smash Bros tournament is advised.

2pm – Introduction from Lotte Juul Petersen, Artist and Programmes Curator, and John Bloomfield, Assistant Curator.

2.15pm – Morgan Quaintance on video game cultures.

2.45pm – "Cybernetic Communities": Nathaniel Zetter, Carleigh Morgan and Gary Zhexi Zhang in conversation.

3.30pm – Discussion and Q&A.

4pm – First rounds of Super Smash Bros tournament and Street Fightertournament. Refreshments available from café abantu.

5pm – "A Gamer's Life": Danielle Nelson, David Blandy and Larry Achiampong in conversation.

5.45pm – International gamers' chatroom, moderated by David Blandy and Larry Achiampong.

6.30pm – Discussion and Q&A.

7pm – Final rounds of Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter tournaments. Refreshments available from café abantu.

8pm – Ends.

Tate Modern: Finding Fanon With Larry Achiampong and David Blandy, December 6 2016

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Finding Fanon With Larry Achiampong and David Blandy

Tate Exchange
Switch House, Level 5

December 6th 2016
Installation:    12:00-18:00 (drop in- free)
Performance: 19:30-20:30 (book tickets here- £8, concessions available)

Tate Modern

Still from 'Finding Fanon Part Three: Prologue', Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, 2016

Still from 'Finding Fanon Part Three: Prologue', Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, 2016

Examine communal and personal heritage through film and performance.

Inspired by the lost plays of radical humanist Frantz Fanon, the Finding Fanon project examines how society, race and racism affect our relationships with each other in an age of new technology, pop culture and globalisation.

Artists Larry Achiampong and David Blandy work collaboratively and share an interest in popular culture and the postcolonial position. They examine communal and personal heritage, using performance to investigate ‘the self’ as a fiction, devising alter-egos to point at their divided selves. Over two years, their research has evolved into a body of work including digital imagery, exhibitions, performance and video.

Become part of the story in a new live work by Larry Achiampong and David Blandy

Explore reconstruction, rejuvenation and the possibility or impossibility of reconciliation in the latest installment of Finding Fanon.

Incorporating music, text and large-scale video projection, the performance takes place around a closed shelter, acting as both a mysterious presence and sculptural centrepiece within the installation. Immerse yourself in the space as lines are blurred between performers and the audience.


Finding Fanon Film Screening and Artist Talk @ Stony Island Arts Bank, Chicago

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Finding Fanon Film Screening and Artist Talk

Friday September 16, 2016, 7pm | Stony Island Arts Bank | 6760 S. Stony Island Ave | Chicago, IL 60649

Join us at the Stony Island Arts Bank for a screening of two films in the Finding Fanon (2015–present) trilogy followed by a conversation with artists Larry Achiampong and David Blandy, moderated by Yesomi Umolu, Logan Center Exhibitions Curator.

Stony Island Arts Bank, Chicago, USA

Stony Island Arts Bank, Chicago, USA

Finding Fanon is inspired by the lost plays of the radical philosopher, writer, and humanist Franz Fanon (1925–1961). Throughout the trilogy, Achiampong and Blandy negotiate Fanon’s commentary on race and decolonization in the early 20th century, including its intersection with migration, industrialization, and socio-economic disparities in our globalized and technologically driven society. Finding Fanon 1 uses still and moving images drawn from personal archives, news media, music videos, and Google searches to reveal how the artists’s familial histories intertwine with British colonialism. Set within the simulated environment of the in-game video editor of Grand Theft Auto 5, Finding Fanon 2 combines art-house cinema with digital culture’s Machinima to explore the postcolonial condition. 

Presented by Logan Center Exhibitions and Black Cinema House, and co-sponsored by the Nicholson Center for British Studies. Additional support provided by Arts Council England and the British Council.

The event is part of Larry Achiampong's exhibition OPEN SEASON presented by Logan Center Exhibitions and curated by Yesomi Umolu, Exhibitions Curator.

Eva International: Still (the) Barbarians: A Symposium

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Still (the) Barbarians: A Symposium

12 and 13 July 2016

Belltable, 69 O’Connell Street, Limerick

Presented by EVA International – Ireland’s Biennial

To book a place at the symposium click HERE.

Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, Finding Fanon Part One, 2015

Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, Finding Fanon Part One, 2015

EVA International – Ireland’s biennial of contemporary art, is pleased to announce the dates and full programme for Still (the) Barbarians: A Symposium. On 12 and 13 July, the Still (the) Barbarians programme concludes with a symposium curated by Koyo Kouoh, supported by the Johann Jacobs Museum and in partnership with Limerick 2020.

The symposium will feature keynote lecture by Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith, performances by Yong Sun Gullach, and Larry Achiampong and David Blandy, with participants including Mary Evans, Prof. Luke Gibbons, Dr Declan Long, John Logan, Catalina Lozano, Dr Aislinn O'Donnell, Grant Watson, and a screening of Our Kind (2016) by Alan Phelan.

Still (the) Barbarians is the title of the 2016 edition of Ireland’s biennial of contemporary art curated by Koyo Kouoh, open to the public from 16 April to 17 July. Koyo Kouoh’s curatorial project, addresses artistic, architectural, poetic, and critical positions that interpret how colonialism, which continues to shape our present condition, has had an effect on the psyche, landscape, language, and imagination. Invasive disruptions of social, cultural, religious, and political orders have long been subject matter for artists, writers, filmmakers, architects, scientists, and activists, Still (the) Barbarians: A Symposium will explore how artists respond to postcolonial legacies, while also looking more specifically at the lasting impact that colonialism has had on the Irish language.

Curator Koyo Kouoh comments, “This year marks the centenary of the Easter Rising, a moment of great significance in the struggle for liberation from British colonial rule, and Ireland has heavily invested in commemorating this. The commemoration is somewhat detached from the trauma of the revolution, or uprising that begun the process of detangling from the coloniser. With Still (the) Barbarians: A Symposium I want to locate Ireland within contemporary postcolonial discourse and unpack some of the consequences of decolonisation still apparent today.”

Guardian article: Digital art project in Liverpool allows ex-servicemen to use a virtual world canvas, FF Gaiden, to explore their past experiences

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FFGaiden: Control (2016); Larry Achiampong & David Blandy

FFGaiden: Control (2016); Larry Achiampong & David Blandy

FF Gaiden: Control (2016). A new film by Larry Achiampong and David Blandy with Matt Buckley, Gordon Harding, Adam Rushton, Mark Towell, Susan Wardle and Lindsay Wallace

The exact number of former Armed Service personnel in prison in Britain is at present unknown and figures are widely contested but it is believed that the number represents ‘a significant subset of the adult male prison population and by occupation, potentially the largest’. With a move to now better recognise veterans within the criminal justice system what does this identification mean for the individuals themselves? 

FF Gaiden: Control explores the tensions inherent within this dual identity of ‘veteran and offender’ through a series of personal testimonies from the perspective of the veterans themselves and their family members. These accounts are played out through the world of video game Grand Theft Auto V, investigating this virtual space synonymous with violence to speak of their experiences of societal control.  

Commissioned and produced by FACT. Supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation. With thanks HMP Altcourse, Keith McDonnell, Tony Connolly and the HMP Altcourse gym team, HMP Liverpool and Partners of Prisoners.

Random Acts, Episode 6, showing tonight on Channel Four, 12:30AM

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David Blandy's new film "Tutorial: How to make a short video about ideas", will be screened tonight as part of Random Acts, presented by Eric Wareheim on Channel Four, just after midnight. Or online at Channel Four.

12:30AM Tuesday June 14 2016

'Tutorial: How to make a short video about ideas', David Blandy, 2016

'Tutorial: How to make a short video about ideas', David Blandy, 2016

Programme Line up:







Channel Four


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Wysing Polyphonic is the seventh annual music event at Wysing Arts Centre and the first to be fully acoustic; with no microphones, speakers, backing tracks, laptops or electronics. Building on the legacy of the previous festivals at Wysing, the 2016 festival continues to address the boundaries of sonic experimentation, though vocal improvisation, song, spoken word, drone and noise, and is perhaps the first festival to take an acoustic or ‘unplugged’ approach in this experimental way.  

A range of musicians and visual artists have responded to the parameters of the festival which will rely on their experimental approach to working with voice, instruments and objects. Performances include abstract sound experiments, choral ensembles, improvised jazz, whistling, song, spoken word, and performances using ancient instruments. Much of what will take place will be improvised and completely unique to the festival and the specific surroundings and context of Wysing.  

The initial line-up announced today includes:

Adam Bohman / Adam Christensen / Andy Holden / Barnaby Brown / Crispin Best / David Blandy / David Toop / Emma Smith / Evan Parker / Florence Peake / Jenny Moore / Jennifer Walshe / Keef Winter / Keiko Yamamoto / Linda Stupart / Larry Achiampong / Laura Cannell / Laura O’Neill / Megan Nolan / Natalie Price Hafslund / Pierre Berthet / Paul Purgas / Rachel Benson / Richard Dawson / Rie Nakajima / Sam Belinfante / Secluded Bronte / Verity Susman

Early Bird Tickets are on sale now.

Please visit our website for full details, click here.

Achiampong & Blandy at Praksis International Artist Residency, Oslo

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PRAKSIS’s first residency NEW TECHNOLOGY AND THE POST HUMAN started on March 21st in collaboration with Notam, PNEK and events partner Atelier Nord.

Lead residents David Blandy and Larry Achiampong are working with paperless migrants to the city, supported by Oslo-based computer programmer Jonathan Ringstad, in the production of a subverted version of the computer game Grand Theft Auto V. The Oslo participants, from the organisation Mennisker i Limbo (People in Limbo), have engaged with huge generosity in discussions of sometimes extreme and traumatic personal experience. On the basis of these discussions, the artists are working with individual group members to develop written scripts, synthetic voiceovers and character avatars for a new film: Finding Fanon Gaiden: Delete, a complex tapestry of stories of identity and migration, cultural history and social change.


9 April 2pm - 5pm: Seminar – New Technology and the Post-Human at Atelier Nord ANX.  Taking screenings of work by PRAKSIS artists-in-residence, David Blandy, & Larry Achiampong, and Jeremy Bailey, as a starting point, Steffen Krüger (postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at UiO's Department of Media and Communication) will moderate a discussion exploring the residency theme in relation to the panelists' artistic practices and cultural/sociological interests.

16 & 17 April 12 - 8pm: OSLO OPEN //  Informal Presentation of Residents Work at Atelier Nord ANX. Part of the annual OSLO OPEN open studios programme, PRAKSIS will present residents' work alongside ORP2 artists' presentations and Video Open; a film showreel curated by Janne Talstad.
Private view 15 April from 5.30pm

+47 411 181 721

The Workweek Prize & Interview

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The Workweek Prize rewards the best artist-led or independent curatorial project in the Art Licks Weekend

The Workweek Prize 2015 has been awarded to David Blandy and A---Z for the installation 16-Bit at Four Quarters.

David was interviewed by Anne Duffau (A---Z founder & independent curator) for broadcast on RADIO ANTI as part of their coverage of the Art Licks Weekend: listen here.

Artquest inaugurated the Workweek Prize for Art Licks Weekend in 2013 to celebrate and encourage artist-led and independent curatorial projects in London, and their support of the local and international art scene. The Prize supports critical, risk-taking projects involved in the Art Licks Weekend.

The Workweek Prize is open to independent artist-led spaces, and independent curatorial projects without a fixed venue. We award a total cash prize of £600 to be shared amongst the organiser and exhibiting artists.

BFI Film Festival Experimenta Programme Tumblr

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Check out the @bfi #LFF @Experimenta2015 Tumblr for background and context on works and artists in the programme http://lffexperimenta2015.tumblr.com

Experimenta 2015 is the artists’ moving image section of the BFI London Film Festival and is co-programmed with LUX. Curators of Experimenta are Benjamin Cook, William Fowler and Helen de Witt. 

Experimenta screens films by artists from around the world that use the moving image to change the way we think of film and how it functions. The programme is accompanied by talks involving the artists. This year’s selection presents an astounding range of work from delicate archive programmes of Super8 films from the 1970s to the vision of a future apocalypse. These artists work in a variety of formats and styles to investigate not only the subject but the very medium itself, whether digital or celluloid, to challenge the distinction between form and content and to inspire us to new interpretations of our world and its construction through images

This Experimenta 2015 blog is a project of LUX, edited by Herb Shellenberger. 

Tickets for Experimenta events can be booked through the BFI London Film Festival website

The Experimenta programme of the BFI London Film Festival 2015 is supported by Arts Council England through Grants for Arts


Last week to see 'Hercules Rough Cut', on until Sat 19th September

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'Hercules Rough Cut'
David Blandy
Bloomberg SPACE

10th July–19th September 2015
Mon-Sat 11:00-18:00

David Blandy’s installation ‘Hercules Rough Cut’ traces the development of the language of London as parallel to the history of shifting empires. Blandy’s exhibition in Bloomberg SPACE is the third in the 2015 series, ‘The Homecoming’, a programme of four projects by Adam Dant, Gayle Chong Kwan, David Blandy and Melanie Manchot that explore and respond to the history and architecture of the City of London.

Bloomberg SPACE
50 Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1HD
Tel: +44 207330 7950

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