The White & Black Minstrel

 "The White & Black Minstrel" was originally developed on a Gasworks residency at El Levante, Argentina in 2005.

El Levante is an artist-run exhibition and residency space situated in Rosario, Argentina. Run by artists Mauro Machado and Graciela Carnevale, the El Levante Gallery has now been running since 2003, and in 2005 it began to facilitate international artist residency programmes. 

During the residency, David Blandy explored issues of racial and national identity, especially in relation to the post-colonial/imperial condition. Blandy created performances such as I’m Black and I’m Proud and English Gaucho, which he then developed into a video and a comic respectively. 

Image: Photo still of "I'm Black and I'm Proud", 2005

Arts Council England, International Artists Fellowship Programme.