Borked Brain, 2018

Image credits: Photography by Ashley Campbell, Alessio Strano, Lewis Evans and David Blandy, courtesy of the Gurdon Institute and Seventeen Gallery

Experiments in Art & Science
Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge

An experimental project with Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, and artists working with the Gurdon Institute to develop projects inspired by scientific research.

David Blandy worked with the Livesey Lab at the Gurdon Institute, specifically scientists Alessio Strano, Ashley Campbell and Lewis Evans, observing their visualisations of human brains grown from stem cells, using this research as a way to think about consciousness, identity and technology.

Artist David Blandy shares his research on Kettle's Yard website

Curator Harriet Loffler and Scientist & Public Engagement Manager Hélène Doerflinger discuss the project at Kettle's Yard.

The Gurdon Institute
Kettle's Yard