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'Out of Nothing', A graphic novel by Daniel Locke with David Blandy, Nobrow

"Out of Nothing"

By Daniel Locke with David Blandy, including an introduction by Dr Adam Rutherford

To be published this autumn by Nobrow, available to pre-order at your local book shop or Amazon

Out of Nothing.jpg

This is the story of us, a story created Ex Nihilo, from the Big Bang to an imagined future, encompassing thousands of years of science and storytelling and art, so that we might know who we are...

Locke and Blandy show how our unique 'Dreaming minds' and basic instinct to observe, record, and connect have been the catalyst for all progress and discovery, in this incredible millennia-spanning graphic novel.

Daniel Locke is an artist and graphic novelist based in Brighton, UK. Since 2013 much of his work has been informed and shaped by the discoveries of contemporary science. He's worked with Nobrow, Arts Council England, The Wellcome Trust and The National Trust. He is the co-writer and artist of Out of Nothing.

David Blandy is an artist who works with the image in the digital world; from Youtube tutorials to music videos, television to anime, constantly highlighting our relationship with popular culture and investigating what makes us who we are. He co-wrote Out of Nothing with Daniel Locke.

Dr. Adam Rutherford is a science writer and broadcaster. He is the presenter of BBC Radio 4's flagship science program, Inside Science, and has covered MMR and autism, the inheritance of intelligence, human evolution, science and cinema, scientific fraud and the evolution of sex. He is the science consultant for Out of Nothing.