The End of the World, 2017

The End of the World, 2017
Single channel video with sound
13 minutes

Installation images at Seventeen, London
Photo credit: Damian Griffiths

The installation The End of the World (2017) is a three-screen video projection enclosing the viewer in a planetarium style view of the solar system. The accompanying audio monologue intertwines examples of end times, examining its differing cultural forms. The narrator touches on macro ideas effecting nations such as genocide and climate change and also more personal, intimate moments of loss and grief. A section of the film appropriates chat-room text from users of Asheron’s Call, a multi-player online role-playing game, whose servers where recently shut down after 17 years of collective game play. The users gathered to communally experience the end of their world, publicly narrating their emotions.

Works in this exhibition were made with the generous support of Arts Council England.

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