The Workweek Prize & Interview

Added on by Claire Blandy.

The Workweek Prize rewards the best artist-led or independent curatorial project in the Art Licks Weekend

The Workweek Prize 2015 has been awarded to David Blandy and A---Z for the installation 16-Bit at Four Quarters.

David was interviewed by Anne Duffau (A---Z founder & independent curator) for broadcast on RADIO ANTI as part of their coverage of the Art Licks Weekend: listen here.

Artquest inaugurated the Workweek Prize for Art Licks Weekend in 2013 to celebrate and encourage artist-led and independent curatorial projects in London, and their support of the local and international art scene. The Prize supports critical, risk-taking projects involved in the Art Licks Weekend.

The Workweek Prize is open to independent artist-led spaces, and independent curatorial projects without a fixed venue. We award a total cash prize of £600 to be shared amongst the organiser and exhibiting artists.