Selected installations

'Hercules: Rough Cut', installation view, Bloomberg Space, London, 2015

Four revolving monitors, spinning in front of a large-scale projection. The images were taken directly from the Bloomberg News Archive. 

 'Anjin 1600: Edo Wonderpark', installation view, Create London, Rose Lipman Building, London, 2013

The Japanese tea house and zen garden and The Starship Bridge model were made in collaboration with Rhino Rock and AAS Group.


'Child of the Atom', Installation views, Seventeen Gallery, London, 2010

The installation transformed the gallery space into a recreation of a Japanese youth hostel/local museum in Hiroshima, complete with faux lino flooring, a working tea urn and reception area.


'Crossroads', 2008; Install view, Spike Island Bristol & Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Finland, 2012

A replica Missippippi Delta plantation shack was built as a projection/sound box with the film being projected onto the gallery wall, while the soundtrack of the film reverberated out of the shack.


'Fortress of Solitude', installation view, Cell Project Space, Jerwood Platform, London, 2007